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About Kaixin

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

About KaixinIncorporated in May 2015 with registered capital of RMB100 million, Guizhou Kaixin Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. is a state-owned joint-stock company with main lines of business of R&D, production, sale and installation of timber structural buildings.

Guizhou Kaixin stresses the design and development of “21th Century New Model Miao-Dong Ethnic House” and research on timber structure building pre-fabrication craft. Guizhou Kaixin applied for and obtained 2015 Guizhou Province Key Sci-Tech. Project, became a member of “Guizhou Branch of China’s Timber Structure Industry Association” in 2016 and was honored “Guizhou Province Pre-fabricated Building Model Firm” in 2016 thanks to the direction and support of the provincial and prefecture departments. Project of pre-fabricated building model scheme was established in the sci-tech. Program applied by Guizhou Kaixin for Dong ethnic town’s Kangyang Park.

The cooperation with research institutes and companies and joint R&D effectively solve those problems with conventional timber buildings such as poor performance of natural lighting, sound insulation, flame retardation and energy saving. Guizhou Kaixin obtained many patents for building functional layout and wall development. It technically achieved the standardized and scaled production in design standardized, structural member modulized, production industrialized and finishing integrated and rapid assembling manner, a sound step in pre-fabricated building industry.